Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Girlies

Yes, the girls are still here. And yes, they do get attention. I know a few people asked me about the girls because Biscuit seems to get more than his fair share of the spotlight on the blog. Olive will be highlighted in her own post that I might get to finish later this afternoon.

There are a few reasons for that. First, for the two girls, it's got to be a bit like trying to share the stage with Steve Martin or Robin Williams. The funny, over the top things that Biscuit does are often a bit overshadowing for the two sweet, well-behaved girls. Biscuit is also like that little boy who comes to school with a snake in his pocket. He has that glint in his eye, and he's always thinking about how the world can become a better place for HIM. ;-P

Second, while Biscuit is all about hamming it up and he loves to stop and tilt his head for a photo opportunity anytime, anyplace, the girls are busy doing their own thing. It's lovely that each of the girls can play on their own, play with each other, or play with the other dogs. They enjoy whatever they are doing and they don't demand photo sessions.

Oh, and have I mentioned that the girls are F.A.S.T. ? They are never in one place for very long. I take equal number of photos of all the puppies, but unfortunately, photos of the two girls often turn out like this:So, opportunities to catch the girls in photos are few and far between. Here are the official 5 months old stacked photos, involving humans making puppies stand still.And now, for your viewing pleasur, please enjoy these photos of the girls while they are crated and literally a captive audience. HAA.

Olive, showing that crate pads are not just bedding, they can also be a fashion statement.


Why are crates so much more fun when they are taken apart?

Yin and Yang

Always trying to put her best foot forward (it's useful to hold down the plastic she's chewing on!).

Nevery ordinary.

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