Thursday, August 26, 2010

Paw It Forward

Biscuit receieved a package from Magic at Daybreake last week. Thanks Magic!!!! From one fwuffy red boy to another, it was a very exciting day for the Hurrikane crew! So please envision Biscuit in this photo, instead of his mom who had to stand in because Biscuit was, um, "unavailable" for the photo shoot (or he was soaking wet, rolled in dirt, crusted with Darby slobber, and happy as a clam!). Thanks for helping out, Momma Syd!

**** The first two bloggers to leave a comment will receive a Paw It Forward box, and Biscuit vows that he will personally oversee the treat selection and packaging. So leave a comment, and get a box of goodies so you can Paw It Forward too! ****

Syd sez, "OK, I did the smiley thing, now can I eat it??? You promised."


StubbyDog said...

OK OK! I know that Nash would LOVE some surprise goodies, so I'd love to participate too. :)

Anonymous said...

The Fluffinator Mandy would too.

Dawn said...

I love how Syd is smiling in the picture!! Magic says he had a hard time picking just the right toy, but that green flamingo just seemed perfect!