Friday, December 19, 2008

Sydney's Aunt Lilly

It's so funny that Lilly is an aunt to Syd and Bree, because Lilly is only about 6 months old. But she's a Harry daughter, so she's Syd's aunt. I love these photos, because they SO remind me of Syd. In person, the two girls look nothing alike, but those eyes, and that expression are identical. It cracks me up, and I warned Jacque that Lilly is probably going to be too smart for her own good, just like someone else I know. ;-)
This photo (with her 1/2 brother Henry) was funny. I called Lilly's name to see if she'd turn around for the photo, and the expression was priceless. Camera ham mixed with "excuse me, I was busy stealing my brother's toys."

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dreameyce said...

Just look at that rich DARK brindle! She really does look like a Harry puppy.

I adore Henry. I want to take him home! He's STUNNING!